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Liquidity Mining -

Earn income from fees by providing liquidity to the market

Liquidity Market
Liquidity Mining
History records
Historic return & Price curve
What is liquidity mining?
Liquidity mining is a way to earn a passive income with crypto by pledging or staking cryptocurrencies in to a liquidity pool. This is a new trend in decentralized finance (DeFi), that enables investors to earn maximum returns on their digital assets. Liquidity mining is open to everyone and is the core of decentrilized financial models. In a nutshell, this means that you can be generously rewarded by simply staking your cryptocurrency.
What is Share?
Liquidity tokens (liquidity providing token, also known as LP token), refer to the tokens generated after liquidity providers invest and stake into a Liquidity Pool. In a Liquidity Pool, the more money users invest, the higher their share of liquidity tokens will be. At the same time, LP token is also a mathematical proof of the assets in the current pool and participants must hold LP tokens in order to recover their staked assets in the pool.
What is impermanent loss?
This refers to a temporary loss caused by volatility in a trading pair when investors stake funds in a liquidity pool. Impermanent loss assesses the current value of an investors assets against the value of the asset had it not been staked into a liquidity pool.
What is Impermanent loss over daily income?
Impermanent loss over daily income is used to estimate how many day's income can compensate the impermanent loss caused by the price change.